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Youtube Subscription(Collection) Manager_v2.5.2

Youtube Subscription(Collection) Manager_v2.5.2


Using this simple extension, you can create collections that seamlessly fits into the YouTube webpage.

This extension enables you to:
★ Create/modify/delete collections list.
★ Group channels to collections. One channel = few collections.
★ Add custom icon for collection.
★ Show last videos from collections and channel.
★ Auto sync your collections.

Firefox edition

Having trouble figuring out how it works? Watch the tutorial videos And please report any bugs or errors you run into to me!

Last version 2.1 / 11.05.2018
– Add new manager menu

Version 2.0
– Upgraded TV mode
– New sort option by subs count
– Added filters on subscriptions feed page
– 3 mode to add collection
– Update setting

Version 1.0
– Added auto sync your collections.
– Added show last videos from collections. Video:
– Youtube collection videos integrated to main page. Video:
– Add collection near subscription channel. Video:
– Added manual export/import
– Added one channel = few collections. Video:
– Added 3 new mode for sort collection:
– New activity
– A – Z
– Custom

Want to help me test Youtube Subscriptions(Collections) Manager? Send an email to letting me know. Your help would be greatly appreciated as it would help iron out little bugs that occur in development.

版本:2.5.2 用户评分:4.66(5分满分) 此版本下载量:23153

大小:277KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2018年8月11日

作者:由Dmitry Nabok提供


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Youtube Subscription(Collection) Manager_v2.5.2