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WorkFlowy to Google Calendar_v2.1

WorkFlowy to Google Calendar_v2.1


• Creates events using the WorkFlowy bullet title.
• Uses Google Calendar's "Quick Add" to parse what, when, and where.
• Works on any webpage, not just WorkFlowy.
• Activate via toolbar icon, keyboard shortcut or right click menu.
• Selecting text overrides the title to limit what gets parsed.
• Adds the page link to the event note.
• Great way to create reminder/notifications for WorkFlowy items!
• No persistent memory footprint.

• Zoom/focus on the WorkFlowy bullet or load a webpage.
• Optionally select text (to override the page title).
• Click the icon, right click menu, or use a keyboard shortcut.
(an add event form opens in a new tab).
• Click Save, or edit details if desired.

• Date and location parsing are not available in some languages.
• Does not support time zone parsing.
• Does not support Google Calendar for your domain.

• What: The event title, any text not parsed as a date.
• Where: Location info following 'at' or 'in.'
• When: Nearly any date and/or time expression. Using 'at' and 'on' helps.
• No date or time: adds to the next time slot.
• Date only: schedules all day event.
• Text in quotations isn't parsed as location or date.
• Select text to limit what gets parsed by Quick Add

• Volleyball today at 5pm
• Ballgame at Yankee Stadium Fri noon
• Lunch "Ruby Tuesdays" next Mon 1p
• Staff meeting 2015-07-25 13:00
• Run w/ Pat 2:15 tomorrow for 45 min
• Run w/ Pat 2:15 – 3 pm tomorrow
• National Conference 9/23 – 9/26 in Atlanta
• Product Launch Mtg Wed 1400-1500

v2.1: Added to right click menu.
v2.0: Works on any webpage.
Assign a keyboard shortcut
Edit Calendar without saving first
v1.2: updated to new Google Calendar URL
v1.1: enabled Quick Add's location parsing
v1.0: initial release

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大小:9.35KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2016年9月10日



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WorkFlowy to Google Calendar_v2.1