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Woot! Watcher_v8.6.3

Woot! Watcher_v8.6.3


Some of the many features include:
• Real-time updating.
• New item alerts w/ audio.
• Desktop notifications.
• Item watchlist.
• Completely customizable.
• Keep on top of all the Woot sites including Plus!

Woot! Watcher started as and remains the best companion for Wooters. Keep tabs on what's for sale on and its sub-sites tech, home, sport, kids, shirt, wine, sellout, tools, and more. Be alerted to new items with desktop notifications and optional sounds. Add items you are interested in to the watchlist and have them popup the moment they show up! The layout is completely customizable with easy to use configuration found in the options. Maintain the absolute edge in Woot-Offs, and use Woot! like a pro.

8.6: Some bug fixes.
8.5: Many fixes/improvements.
8.4: Update api.
8.3: Fix missing shirt woot.
8.2: Fix too many notifications.
8.1: Updated deals page.
8.0: New version release.

If you have any suggestions, problems, complaints, compliments, etc.
Send me an email:

版本:8.6.3 用户评分:4.35(5分满分) 此版本下载量:9422

大小:147KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2018年2月26日



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Woot! Watcher_v8.6.3