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Wiki by eAnswers_v1.2.2

Wiki by eAnswers_v1.2.2


A New Wikipedia look & feel that Shows How Beautiful information can be.

Wikipedia has been instrumental in making knowledge accessible to everyone. We think it deserves a design that shows how beautiful free information is.
When you download our add-on, every Wikipedia link will be redirected to our interface. As a result, any article you log into will not only be useful, but also fun to read.

Now, you can:

Read easily with beautiful fonts-
Browse through larger and better photographs-
Catch a preview of articles that might interest you when you move your cursor over links-
Navigate between topics with a useful menu-
Personalize how articles look like by changing fonts and colors-
Read Wikipedia in every language-
Close your eyes and listen to an audio version of the text-

This new add-on is brought to you by At eAnswers, we aim to celebrate the best aspects of the web – collaboration, free knowledge and support. Our global community enriches its members’ lives by contributing knowledge to fellow members about every topic imaginable.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of free information. Download this free add-on today and improve your Wikipedia experience.

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Wiki by eAnswers_v1.2.2