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WhatsChrome Extension_v2.1.8

WhatsChrome Extension_v2.1.8

介绍:WhatsApp for Whatsapp™是一种发送和阅读Whatsapp消息的快速方式,而不是每次都检查电话。

WhatsChrome for Whatsapp™ is the easiest way to check WhatsApp messages from Chrome Browser without phone. Clicking on the toolbar WhatsChrome Extension icon, renders WhatsApp Web in a small UI attached to the toolbar popup.

WhatsApp Web is a web application that people at WhatsApp Inc have created to enable chat through the browser window. With WhatsChrome for Whatsapp Web you will never miss a message again while working on your PC.

★ The Extension doesn't require any permission from the users. Not affiliated with WhatsApp.

★ WhatsChrome for WhatsApp™ is a helper extension aims to help you access the official WhatsApp web client easier and in a more convenient way. There is no intention on misleading users that these are official applications.

★ supports desktop notifications so users are notified of new WhatsApp messages even when not checking the web page.

★ Fast Launcher for WhatsApp Web.

★ Whatsapp Show amount contact of chat. (on Badge)

★ Security chat with https protocol. (Support by WhatsApp™ Inc)

★ Whether you are open other web pages, Click of extension then window chat will be show.

• How to use it?
To start using WhatsChome for WhatsApp Web, install this extension and click on the Chrome toolbar button with the Whatschrome icon. If you are not logged in to WhatsApp Web, you must follow the instructions and scan the QR code with your phone. Remember to check the "Keep me signed in" checkbox so that your session is not closed automatically, or you may miss notifications.

WhatsChrome Extension for Whatsapp As all the software I make in my free time, I created this Extension because I wanted the functionality it offers for myself and 4 Everyone. My first need was being able to watch all WhatsApp notifications on my desktop computer, and that was its first feature. As the extension has raised some interest, I'll be maintaining Whatschrome Extension and new features to Whatschrome for whatsapp will probably be added in the future.

✔ Privacy & Security
WhatsChrome doesn't read anything you type, send or receive! It doesn't even store any of your login credentials anywhere. Overall, using WhatsChrome for whatsapp does provide a couple of advantages when it comes to security.

WhatsApp is a trademark of WhatsApp Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. WhatsChrome for Whatsapp is an independent project developed by Whatschrome team and has no relationship to WhatsApp or Whatsapp Inc.

版本:2.1.8 用户评分:4.24(5分满分) 此版本下载量:489372

大小:48.58KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2018年4月12日



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WhatsChrome Extension_v2.1.8