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Save, organize and share content from across the web in just two clicks!

With Wakelet, you can quickly and easily save the content that matters to you, whether it’s an article, blog, video, image, song, tweet or anything else you find online. You can then organize your bookmarks into stunning, visual collections, add your own notes and images, and share them as a single link.

The Wakelet browser extension allows you to:

★ Save in two clicks

Whenever you see something you’d like to save, simply click the W in your browser or right-click the link to save it straight into a collection or into your bookmarks.

★ Save open tabs

Have instant access to your collections and organize your browser tabs into Wakelet in one click with our new tab feature. You can use it as shortcut to your collections, drag and drop your browser tabs into your collections or save a whole session in just one click.

(And if you’d rather not use Wakelet as your new tab screen, you can turn it off – without losing the other benefits of the browser extension – with the click of a switch)

★ Save tweets

Look out for the W button on your tweets – this allows you to save tweets to your Wakelet collections instantly.

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