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Video & Screen Recorder for Work – Drift_v5.3.11

Video & Screen Recorder for Work – Drift_v5.3.11


Easily record and share videos that start conversations. Drift Video is the first and only screen recorder where you can chat directly from the videos you create.

It’s super simple to use. All you have to do is decide what you want to record (your screen, your webcam, or both!), click record, and when you’re finished – share the link with someone.

Once someone watches your video, we’ll notify you so you can jump in to say hello.

Key Features

🎥 Record
→ Record your screen (choose any window or browser tab)
→ Record your face using your webcam
→ Record both your screen and webcam
→ Capture voice narration and mouse movements
→ Disable webcam or audio capture easily

✂️ Edit
→ Trim off the beginning or end of your videos
→ Save your videos as animated GIFs (up to 8 seconds)
→ Remove or exclude the audio from your screen recorder

🚀 Share
→ Share your videos directly to Gmail or Slack
→ Copy/paste a shareable link into any email tool including Outlook, Office 365, Outreach, Salesloft, HubSpot, and more.
→ Animated GIF thumbnails are generated automatically after copy/pasted into an email
→ Download your videos as WEBM or MP4

💬 Chat and Notifications
→ Greet your viewers with a welcome message
→ Chat live with people who are watching your video (or let them chat with you!)
→ Get notified when someone views your video

🔒 Privacy
→ Securely select and limit viewer access to your videos
→ Set visibility to individual email addresses, entire email domains, Jira teams, or Slack teams

Pricing and Packaging

⚡️ Drift Video Free (FREE FOREVER!)
→ Record, publish, share unlimited videos
→ 100 video archive limit with secure storage
→ Chat directly from your videos

⚡️ Drift Video Pro
→ Secure private sharing
→ Unlimited video storage
→ HD quality videos

Additional Details

Drift Video does not depend on any plugins or applets like Flash or Java and works great on any operating system. New screen recordings are uploaded automatically to your Drift Video library so they are ready for instant sharing.

→ Learn More:
→ Need help? Visit to chat live with our support team or visit for help documentation
→ Terms of Service:
→ Privacy Policy:

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Video & Screen Recorder for Work – Drift_v5.3.11