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介绍:vi就像Google Chrome™的界面一样。对于每个讨厌使用鼠标的Google Chrome™用户。

[26, May, 2013] VERSION 0.12.0 RELEASED!!!
Release History :

Check out more information at

Vichrome is a Google Chrome Extension that enables you to use vi(vim) like user interface.

Vichrome offers you many features:

* vi(vim) like key bindings
* HIT-A-HINT like functionality called f-Mode. see
* very flexible customizability.
* wrap scan/inc search by Vichrome built-in search mode
* many useful commands are available. you can use all of the commands in command mode(to enter command mode, press :). For more about the commands, see

Vichrome's default key bindings are:

j : scroll down
k : scroll up
h : scroll left
l : scroll right
<C-e> : scroll down
<C-y> : scroll up
t : open new tab
x : close tab
X : Close the current tab and focus the previous tab
r : reload tab
/ : enter search mode
? : enter backward search mode
a : enter link text search mode(search only text that have a link and focus it)
n : next search result
N : previous search result
gg : go to top of the page
G : go to bottom of the page
gt, <C-h> : move to left tab
gT, <C-l> : move to right tab
H : back history
L : forward history
u : restore last closed tab
gp : pop out current tab to new window
gs : open source of the current page in a new tab
f : enter f Mode (like HIT-A-HINT)
F : enter f Mode (open links with new tab)
; : enter extended f Mode
i : focus on first input area
o : Open new page with awesome completion
O : Open new page in new tab with awesome completion
s : Google Search
S : Google Search in new tab
b : Open bookmark
B : Open bookmark in new tab
<C-f> : page down
<C-b> : page up
<C-d> : page half down
<C-u> : page half up
: : enter Command Mode
'' : back to last auto page mark
yy : copy URL to clipboard
p : Open a URL based on the current clipboard contents in the current tab
P : Open a URL based on the current clipboard contents in a new tab
<C-^> : switch tab focus to the previously focused tab
,z : toggle image size
<ESC> : cancel all input/command and blur focused element

[Advanced Tips]

<Key mapping for Page-Open shortcuts>

nmap <Space>tw :OpenNewTab
nmap <Space>gr :OpenNewTab
nmap <Space>m :OpenNewTab

This example is a part of my own settings.I'm using <SPACE> key for launcher prefix key. this offers you very quick access to your favorite web sites.

<Continuous f-Mode>

nmap F :GoFMode –newtab –continuous

By default, F is assigned to ":GoFMode –newtab". When you intend to use f-Mode with "–newtab" , you may want to open 2 or more links with new tabs continuously.This example offers you surprisingly efficient way for that. Continuous f-Mode will not exit by hitting a hint so you can continuously open many links.


alias ext OpenNewTab chrome://extensions/
alias option OpenNewTab chrome://settings/browser

If your key setting is filled up with your customization so you can't add new key setting, Alias is a very meaningful solution.In this example you can open Chrome's extension page by executing a command :ext and open chrome's setting page with :option

[Future Release Plan]
since Vichrome is too young, There may be lacking in functionality and is being under
very active development.So here's some of the release plan.
* a command to launch chrome apps

Also, if you have any requests I'll implement it.

Need more information about Vichrome ? see:

I'm looking forward to your feedback.please feel free to contact me via twitter

Vichrome is hosted on Github


[Release History]

版本:0.12.0 用户评分:4.4(5分满分) 此版本下载量:8626

大小:1.54MiB 此版本最后更新时间:2013年5月25日



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