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VeloViewer Strava Plugin_v1.16

VeloViewer Strava Plugin_v1.16


Add direct links from within Strava to VeloViewer along with other, VeloViewer specific additions.

– Top level VeloViewer menu providing direct links to your key pages on VeloViewer.
– Direct links to VeloViewer segment details page throughout the Strava site.
– Direct links to Activities.
– Direct links to Routes.
– Direct links to Club yearly leaderboards.
– VeloViewer Explorer tiles highlighted in Strava Route Builder including completed tiles, max square(s) and max cluster.
– Chronological ordering on your dashboard feeds.

1.16 – Athlete Id added to Activities links to enable the deep link to Activity Details to work post GDPR.
1.15 – Club yearly leaderboard links added.
1.14 – Changed the "Chronological" button to now offer two options, either by sort by activity start date/time or by activity upload date/time. Activity end time isn't easily doable I'm afraid.
1.13 – "Chronological" button added to Dashboard to allow the sorting of activities by start date/time.
1.12 – Correction to KML export: colour changed to aabbggrr (eh?!)
1.11 – KML download for unvisited tiles for current area in the Route editor.
1.10 – Explorer Clump added to Route Builder. Custom colours for Explorer tiles brought in from configuration on user's Activities List page in VeloViewer.
1.9 – Minor tweak to test something out. No new functionality though.
1.8 – Fixed (hopefully) a browser zoom issue that wasn't quite fixed in 1.7.
1.7 – Update to handle browser zoom with explorer tiles. Also remembers whether explorer option was on or off between sessions.
1.6 – Explorer tile logic updated to handle Leaflet map (which looks to be replacing the Google Map on the Route Builder); Explorer tile borders/background set to white when using satellite view for better contrast.
1.5 – Large performance improvement on initial load of route builder if you have a lot of explorer tiles ticked off.
1.4 – Max explorer square(s) now shown. All links to VeloViewer are now https.
1.3 – Route builder now shows explorer tiles at all most zoom levels and on all map types. Completed tiles are now shaded
1.2 – Explorer tile outlines now work on retina displays
1.1 – Tweaked to work alongside Stravaistix
1.0 – Initial version

版本:1.16 用户评分:4.93(5分满分) 此版本下载量:5989

大小:27.37KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2018年8月7日



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VeloViewer Strava Plugin_v1.16