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UseClark makes it easier to read and remember digital information. You’ll be able to read text faster without any loss of comprehension, and remember more of what you read as a result.

How it works:

Articles, blogs, and other website texts are cleaned up to create a super-readable, distraction-free environment. While reading, your eyes are guided through the words with proven speed reading techniques, and the rest of the text is blurred out to ensure you stay focused. It’s like karaoke for reading!

Find something interesting? With one click you can highlight and save parts of the text to a shareable document summary. You can easily send your findings to your colleagues, friends, mortal enemies, or whomever else you may need to compare notes with.

What’s new:

Improved text blur for increased focus while reading
See your reading speed in words per minute
Restyled text is displayed in a separate view to keep things clean and clear
A slick new user interface

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