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uBlock Pro – #1 Adblocker_v2.1.6

uBlock Pro –  #1 Adblocker_v2.1.6

介绍:Adblocker具有高效的adblocker过滤列表!再也看不到任何广告!基于uBlock Adblock技术!自由!

A full adblock system designed for efficiency.

uBlock Pro is based on uBlock and adds some extra blocking lists, especially for the adblocker-blocker like Fairfilter, Sourcepoint, Addefend in the future (currently in progress)!

Though it has a low memory and CPU footprint, uBlock yet can load and enforce thousands of filters more than other popular blockers.

uBlock is more than an "ad-blocker": not only does it come with various built-in lists for blocking ads and protecting your privacy, but it also supports flexible customization — from adding your own lists to powerful Dynamic Filtering and more

版本:2.1.6 用户评分:4.3(5分满分) 此版本下载量:10087

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uBlock Pro – #1 Adblocker_v2.1.6