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Twitch Fullscreen Plus_v2.6.2

Twitch Fullscreen Plus_v2.6.2


V. 2.6.0 – fixed dragging issue when going Fullscreen from Theater Mode.

Twitch Fullscreen Plus lets you enjoy the wonderful Twitch Chat experience while watching your favorite stream in fullscreen! unlike the Theater Mode, with this extension you get to enjoy the full size of your monitor.

You can Resize, move change chat opacity and background alpha and more!

Update September 17th:
As Twitch keeps changing their code it keeps breaking this extension, as I have a full time job already, It's hard to find the time to maintain, fix and add all the features I planned. I keep this extension up since it still works, although not for everyone since some FFZ and BTTV features might collide with some of TFP features.

For anyone who is interested there is a github repository of this extension which you can find on the extension's subreddit page /r/twitchfullscreenplus

版本:2.6.2 用户评分:4.09(5分满分) 此版本下载量:10711

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作者:offered by kopatch


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Twitch Fullscreen Plus_v2.6.2