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介绍:第一款也是最受欢迎的TRON钱包。 TRON Foundation推荐。

TronLink is firstly launched at TRON’s official website and backed by TRON foundation, TronLink is the TRON wallet with the most users,coming in three versions (Chrome Wallet Extension/iOS/Android), and you're looking at the Chrome Wallet Extension for TRON.

Main function:
Send and receive TRX, TRC10 and TRC20 tokens;Integrate smart contract calls on developers’ site; Use Dapps within the browser.
About TRON:
TRON's market cap is among the top 10 on a global scale. Since June 25th 2018, TRON migrated its ERC20 tokens to TRON’s Mainnet, making TRX an independent cryptocurrency.

Official website link(iOS/Android download link):
Contact TronLink:
English telegram:
Chinese telegram:
Official Twitter:

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