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Transpose – Pitch – Loop for videos_v2.0.14

Transpose – Pitch – Loop for  videos_v2.0.14


😎 Free version:
✓ Change the pitch by semitone or finetune
✓ Control the playback speed
✓ Repeat between two time markers
✓ Jump directly to a time marker
✓ Play, pause, forward and rewind
✓ Unlimited usage
🔒 Does not collect your browser history

🛒 Pro version:
✓ High quality audio pitch & tranpose
✓ Remember settings for each video
✓ History list
✓ Unlimited Loops
✓ BPM tracker
✓ Keyboard shortcuts
✓ Progress & navigation bar
✓ Pitch shift mp3 local files
✓ Dark theme

Do you ever play along with a YouTube video to practice a song or learn from a music tutorial lesson? When you need to master a song in a different key you can use this tool to pitch shift the audio, repeat a section in a loop or slow down the video to get a hang of it quicker.

It's also fun to just mess around with the audio 🙂

Go to a video site like Youtube or Vimeo, select a music video, and open the extension to get started. Do you want to pitch shift an mp3 file? This could be a faster way!

💁 Note:
• open the video on the platform itself when it's embedded on another site.
• refresh the page if it doesn't work the first time
• will work on Youtube and Vimeo, but some other sites may block usage


• Tonhöhe und Geschwindigkeit ändern
• Cambiar el tono y la velocidad
• Changez le pitch et la vitesse

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Transpose – Pitch – Loop for videos_v2.0.14