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Traffic Car Racing_v5.5.9

Traffic Car Racing_v5.5.9

Be ready to play the funniest game in the world! Unlike the other games, collect points while not hitting the cars, you should keep going quickly as a good driver when you hit a vehicle or you might turn to a dangerous car!
The best feature in this game is, besides you collect points, you also have a bomb in your car! Clock is ticking, you can be traffic killer and you can die with it! The best side is, you can get and driving faster cars and be a traffic highway rider.

You have the speed and control, be a careful driver, we did our best to make you feel driving fast and enjoyable pleasure. Risk is high, control is on you, be careful! You can select 8 different cars and speed up, also you can modify them in England. Stronger cars mean more points, more speed, stronger tires. Open your traffic police sirens, you carry hazardous material, be careful, they will try to intercept, you are a traffic highway rider, you must command brake and accelerator.

In this game, you have the control, you are the only one dangerous! There are speed, maintenance, brake options. A wonderful car traffic driving game with optimization options, low, medium, high, improvement, light controllers, light changer, highway reflex options, touch features. We designed all options for you to enjoy this talent game. Vehicles will be available when you collect points. Lots of choices, lots of different vehicle color combinations are up to you. Do your choice according to your pleasure. Choose rainy, daylight, night categories and hit the road. In this game with train crossing also, do not forget, you are a very dangerous vehicle and keep going with strong cars. Also feels like hard truck simulator. Drive very fast but do not think about fine checks. Eight different vehicles are waiting for you. You have the control, set your cars’ speed, do not use the brakes too much, the bomb can explode anytime. We placed a bomb in your car, because of you must under your reflexes control and have some excitement. Use your credits wisely. It is up to you that how the modify your cars. Points are so valuable. Each car is available with different credit. To buy, you should enjoy dangerous driving pleasure before. When you speed up, bus or truck might suddenly come to your way. You can see your points in the game. If you want to drive different colored cars, you must buy with your points. You must avoid hitting other cars because of the bomb in your car, so slow down a little.
Welcome to the best car game.
We thought well that how can you enjoy and created a car with a bomb and placed to game. Select modify and color combinations carefully. Be careful about tire selections in day, night or snowy weathers, brake is not a good thing for you. The most dangerous duty and responsibility is yours in the game. Pass stages, collect points and get higher performance cars. You can start playing the game now! Be careful, you are driving a car with bomb, when you slow down the speed, it will be a big explosion and you are going to start over. Are you ready for an amazing game?

Do you like traffic truck driving or signal control games? If your answer is yes, you should get your signal test for license ready! Speed games are fun as well as games with traffic lights, getting information about cops and face with police chase checking. In this game, speed passion is calling you! It is a free game. And one of the best game with stop lights, you know stop light are important. You can download this driving car game via searching in finder. After you download, do not wait, just enjoy the speed, the action! Enjoy!





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Traffic Car Racing_v5.5.9