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Tracking Ads – BigSpy_v3.1.8

Tracking Ads – BigSpy_v3.1.8


Track Ad creatives and collect Ads Campaigns of competitors by your preference.

This is a free tool, with tens of thousands of marketers globally.

You can see metrics of your tracked ads, and collect ads by your own preference, and be promptly reminded by notifications when big boost of tracked ads or new ads collected on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social platforms.

You are welcome to use more powerful function directly on

More Ads you collect, more transparency the public get.


When downloading our tool you join BigSpy and become part of our ambitious project about the digital advertising world, this project is here to improve the world’s knowledge about Ad transparency trends.

For the purpose of providing you with analytic data, popularity, and metrics, usage of the extension requires granting it the following permissions to capture anonymized Ads data; All Hosts, WebRequest, WebRequestBlocking, Web Navigation, tabs and storage. We collect data regarding your browsing usage, specifically the social network domains you browse. For more information regarding our data collection, we urge you to review our privacy policy before you install our add-on, available here:

版本:3.1.8 用户评分:4.69(5分满分) 此版本下载量:7049

大小:475KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2019年12月20日



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Tracking Ads – BigSpy_v3.1.8