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Toolkit for YNAB_v2.35.0

Toolkit for YNAB_v2.35.0


Toolkit for YNAB is a general purpose extension that adds features to YNAB and makes it more flexible. Have it your way!

There are many different features available once installing the Toolkit for YNAB. You can see the full list here:

All of these are configurable with options in the extension options page.

Features under consideration and the general status of the project is on our Trello Board here: Feel free to vote, comment and suggest new features.

If you want to contribute, it's best if you can let us know so we don't double up on effort. You can see what is being worked on and by whom on the roadmap.

This is an open source community developed and maintained extension. It is not affiliated with YNAB in any way (other than that we use it) and YNAB has not endorsed this at all. You Need a Budget and YNAB are registered trademarks of Steine LLC and/or one of its subsidiaries.

This [app/plugin/script] is not officially supported by YNAB in any way. As such, your use of this [app/plugin/script] is risky. There is a very real possibility that using this [app/plugin/script] could introduce problems into your budget that YNAB, through its official support channels, will not be able to troubleshoot or fix. Please use at your own risk!

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Toolkit for YNAB_v2.35.0