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Toggle Fullscreen in Hangout_v1.3

Toggle Fullscreen in Hangout_v1.3


This extension enables Maximizing the Video/Screencast part of a Hangout and have it fullscreen if you toggle browser with presentation-mode or f11.

Redesign from Google !

Google has made some big changes to Hangout, maybe it does not work properly, but it seems still good enough.

Thanks for all people downloading it > 10,000 Users 😉
update, already 25'000 Users. seems like a really needed feature in hangout.

check out my new plugin for better readability of websites:

Paragraph Columns

Feature is similar to "Better On Air Hangouts" but this one is for Hangout and does not need Hangout-on-Air. (But also works with H-O-A if you check the box to enable H-O-A)

v1.3 Version Toogle with double-click:

This Version works now with doubleclick on the big video-player and makes it fullscreen (maximized) , doubleclick again to make it back to normal size.

there is no browser-action-button anymore, as it only watches google-hangout urls and adds only this doubleclick behavior.

another fix is the size, the screenratio is now respected and black border added if its to high or to wide.

no keyboard-shorcuts and no browser-buttons (next to addressbar) as its not needed, doubleclick is more intuitive and works always in normal and f11 -mode.

版本:1.3 用户评分:4.06(5分满分) 此版本下载量:20187

大小:45.16KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2016年3月17日



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Toggle Fullscreen in Hangout_v1.3