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Time Tracker by TimeCamp_v2.20.1

Time Tracker by TimeCamp_v2.20.1


Enjoy the seamless time tracking within your favorite app! Add a timer to the tool you use and track time with a single click, without switching to another tab.

Start timer whether you need it and stop it when finishing the task. The plugin syncs with TimeCamp automatically, so the records will immediately appear in your timesheets.

About the tool
TimeCamp is a 100% free time tracker for unlimited users. It tracks time in the background automatically and fills your timesheets with time entries with just a few clicks. With detailed reports, you can measure projects’ profitability and stay up to date with the team's performance. The tool is available as a desktop and mobile app as well as a web timer and extension for the most popular browsers.

How to add it?
Click “Add to Chrome”
Sign up for a free account or log in to TimeCamp (or it will be done automatically if you’re already logged in to the web version)

Check the list of supported tools here:

The code is open source, so feel free to join our Github repo and contribute:

For more information or support please contact us at

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Time Tracker by TimeCamp_v2.20.1