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Threat Analytics Search_v4.0.3

Threat Analytics Search_v4.0.3


(Current Version 4.0.3) Tool for security analysts, malware hunters, and incident responders that allows the use the of right-click menu in Chrome to conduct single or group searches for selected text such as file hash, IP address, or domain. Threat Analytics is focused on using information to make decisions about events that impact the information assets of your organization. During our work with customers, our analysts often use the same websites repeatedly to gather information about IP addresses, websites, file hashes, and domains. In many cases an analyst may search for one term (like IP address) at up to 6 different external websites. Version 3 integrates with RSA Security Analytics, NetWitness Investigator, and Carbon Black. Version 4 added the ability to have a 3rd group and POST HTTP data. Most users will not need to use the POST functionality. Send comments and ideas to 4.0.1 is minor patch for a bug fix involved special characters when doing HTTP POST. 4.0.2 included icon changes + new download link. 4.0.3 includes a new "Base64 encode" replacement phrase which may allow use of various services otherwise impossible.

版本:4.0.3 用户评分:4.87(5分满分) 此版本下载量:2159

大小:78.47KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2019年8月6日



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Threat Analytics Search_v4.0.3