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Sync Google Drive™ with other clouds …_v1.4.1.5

Sync Google Drive™ with other clouds …_v1.4.1.5

介绍:与Google Drive™同步和备份

With this browser extension you can save your Google Docs or Google Sheets directly to Dropbox, Office 365 SharePoint, Evernote, Box, Egnyte, or other cloud account.

Just click on on "Save to" button in upper right corner of your Google docs or Google Spreadsheet documents and you will promoted to select destination cloud service.

And after save, you can setup you can setup real-time sync, backup or migration of your Google Drive™ folder with some other cloud services: with no complicated downloads.

Key Features:

* Ad-hoc save of Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets to any cloud storage
* Real-time instant sync of any Google Drive™ folder with Evernote notebook, Box, OneDrive™, OneDrive™ folder, Gmail™ label, SharePoint™, Basecamp, Dropbox, and more…
* Real-time backup of Google Drive™ to any other cloud service

You can learn more about cloudHQ solutions here:

phone: +1 (888) 666-7439
twitter: @cloudHQ_net

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Sync Google Drive™ with other clouds …_v1.4.1.5