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Super Drag for Google Chrome_v0.0.24

Super Drag for Google Chrome_v0.0.24


Super Drag is an amazing extension for Chrome and Chromium-based browser users.

It's an extremely enhanced feature for Chrome.

With Super Drag, you can never be more easily open links or searches in one web page. Just hold on your left mouse button, performing a drag-n-drop, yeah, links open in the new tab.

Default new tab opened in background tab, with CTRL button holding on, drag-n-drop, your web page will be opened in an active state.

The drag-to-search feature is also useful and friendly to use. Selecting the key words, then drag-n-drop the selection, it'll search them by your customized search engine.

You can change the search engine by the extension popup settings.

It's the minimal and simplest Chrome extension ever.

Don't wait for any more, just try it right now.

If you like it, please make an review 5 star, thank you! 😛

============== change log ======================
* 0.0.24 *
* Add toggle button to enable/disable on current page 🙂

* 0.0.23 *
* Fix bug: Multi-selection get undefined keyword :(.

* 0.0.22 *
* Fix bug: Not work until setting page opened :(.

* 0.0.21 *
* Support tab mode setting.

* 0.0.20 *
* Support Yandex.

* 0.0.19 *
* Fix link drag-n-drop.

* 0.0.18 *
* Fix undefined search queries with more lines selected.

* 0.0.17 *
* Fix bad tab index opened with multi-browser window

* 0.0.16 *
* Fix youtube playlist not work

版本:0.0.24 用户评分:4.62(5分满分) 此版本下载量:7778

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作者:offered by universeroc


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Super Drag for Google Chrome_v0.0.24