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Sum It Up_v0.0.3

Sum It Up_v0.0.3


A Micro Bookmarker and Multi Color Highlighter for Note Keeping , searching and emailing essential points from the vast data available on internet.

Sum It Up is here to address all your Bookmarking woes. We will keep your notes separated and highlighted based on Same Page, Same Website and Same Planet Internet.

**(High)LIGHT it up!!!
Nostalgic about using highlighter in your textbooks ? Well this will help you highlight text in the infinite textbook called INTERNET without using your pocket money to buy coloured highlighters. You can use multi colours for highlighting. You ask me Why? I say Why the Hell not!!

**COLLECT your Notes !!
Want to track data collected from various websites ? We will help you sum it all up. You can also tag your notes to search later.

**EMAIL !!!
Want to keep all your notes safe on cloud somewhere? Email them to your mail id. You can send them to your friend too!! I wont complain.

**SEARCHing made easy!!
Want to search by words ? Check
Want to search by your custom tags ? Check
Want to search based on dates ? Well my Friend give me a date range, i will give you everything you saved during that.

**TWEET your Note!!
Loved one particular note so much that you want to tweet it for the world to see? click on Tweet it Icon.

**Are you MARKDOWN lover?
Just Export your notes as markdown.

**REVISIT the Website?
We all have been there when we wanted to get back to the website from where the notes were taken. Don't worry. Just click on link icon on the note and whooooo There you are!!

**JUMP it !!
You can jump Between Highlights on same Page .

版本:0.0.3 用户评分:4.2(5分满分) 此版本下载量:1034

大小:1.22MiB 此版本最后更新时间:2017年9月22日



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Sum It Up_v0.0.3