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Stmy's CS:GO Market Details (float, etc.)_v2.01

Stmy's CS:GO Market Details (float, etc.)_v2.01


We're back!!!
Thank you for all of the support and I sincerely apologize for the downtime. I had to shut down the server due to the cost of keeping this application alive. There was a concerted effort to keep this a free service (since May, 2016), but I could not keep up with the continual cost of CSGO licenses and the hosting for millions of requests. In the short term, I will need to charge a nominal fee, but in the future, I will introduce a trial and re-evaluate the pricing. Again, thank you.

*** Latest Changes ***
Added new link "screen" for quick access to the skin screenshot at Now 100% compatible with Steam Inventory Helper. By default, displaying Float and Paint Seed under the graph instead of Condition, Paint Index, and Paint Seed. You can change this in options. Also, by default, graph is sorted from Factory New to Battle-Scarred as this correlates well with the Float value. This can also be changed in the options.

Using the regular Steam Community Market (, view additional market details for each weapon. Sort weapons by wear (float), paint index, or paint seed. Hover over each item's information icon to see all other data directly received from the CS:GO game client.

All requests are sent over SSL (https) to Stmy's servers. Stmy only runs on the following URL's: and*. The only information that is sent to Stmy's servers is market data in order to lookup asset information. If you are curious to see what pages Stmy is running on, look for the "Stmy is running" text in the developer console.

In active development and listening to community feedback.

版本:2.01 用户评分:4.72(5分满分) 此版本下载量:7055

大小:78.52KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2017年12月10日



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Stmy's CS:GO Market Details (float, etc.)_v2.01