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Steam Inventory Helper_v1.18.19

Steam Inventory Helper_v1.18.19


Our extension can:

– Quickly sell hundreds of items in a few clicks
– Show floats, patterns and prices of stickers applied to the skin
– Show the total cost of inventory at the prices of the selected store / service
– Compare the cost of any skin with the prices of the global game item market
– Group identical items into stacks
– Calculate the profit of selling lots on the Steam marketplace
– Automatically accept incoming trades
– Show information about the use of items. You will see in the inventory if this item is currently used in the game or is in a sent trade
– Quickly buy items on the Steam marketplace.
– "Set quick buy" button allows you to buy additional parts of the set without leaving your inventory using a special button on the part of the desired set.

All funсtions are built based on Steam community website and Steam WebAPI with some tweaks to cut off unnecessary steps, no 3rd party software/website is involved.
Some features require authorization in the Steam community.

Description of requested permissions:
*: //** & *: //* – display of various extension functionality on steamcommunity and steampowered sites
*: //* – display in the Steam user’s inventory of prices for items, obtaining public data about games, user profiles and items
*: //* – receiving statistics about games on Steam and exchange rates
*: //* – to use the communication function with market.csgo to create trade offers (only after enabling the corresponding setting)
*://* – to receive the public information about the user profile (trade ban / VAC ban / community ban)

Official website:
Official Steam group:
Official support email:
Official developers email:
Please read the changelogs and FAQ whenever there is an update.

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Steam Inventory Helper_v1.18.19