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Steam Database_v1.8.1

Steam Database_v1.8.1


Adds Steam Database links on various pages in the Steam Community and Store.

Report issues:

SteamDB is a website (not affiliated with Valve) lists and tracks information regarding applications and packages available on Steam.

– Adds links to SteamDB across Steam sites
– Display online stats on game pages
– Quick sell buttons in inventory
– Skip age check gate on the store
– Accept market agreement automatically
– Remove linkfilter links
– Multiple fixes to make https work on Steam community
– Highlight your owned games, DLCs and packages on
– A lot of other smaller tweaks and features



– Display hidden achievements (and descriptions) on your stats page
– More https fixes on steam community (like creating group)
– Allow disabling SteamDB rating and last depot update on app pages

– Added SteamDB rating on app store pages

– Remove empty cart button, Valve added one
– Accept SSA automatically on registerkey page

– Remove option to partially hide market listings, Valve added pagination

– Display last depot update on store pages

– Fix quick sell buttons

– Fix infinite agecheck redirects

– Offer better error messages in trade offers, instead of Valve's cryptic error numbers

– Fix store center breaking Summer Picnic Sale

– Fix age gate skipping for mature content
– No longer open added links in new tabs

– When quick selling items, do not show the mobile/email confirmation message

– Partially hide all your market listing and buy order lists on market home page

– Add links to SteamDB on bundle pages
– Fix SteamDB links on review pages
– Fix https breaking tag pagination

– Non-commodity items can be quickly sold now from inventory

– Added option to suppress "this trade appears suspicious" warning
– Replaced "no image found" on wishlist page with correct store capsule
– Fixed package links on gifts in inventory
– Fixed "offer changed" bug in trade offers
– Fixed adding items which can't be traded due to inventory restrictions

– Fixed for_item param always giving error 26
– Fixed disabling subid links in inventory

– Added quick selling in inventory
– Added item market price display in other users' inventories
– Added support for "for_item" parameter in tradeoffer urls
– "Not logged in" message on can now be hidden
– Age gate on store is now skipped by default
– "Install Steam" button is now hidden by default

– Fix hiding install steam button
– Fix avatar upload in groups not working when using https

– Add online stats on store pages
– Fix package links on account history page (again)

– Add cache busting for Steam store userdata on

– Fix package links on account history page
– Fix footer in user inventories due to new responsive design from Valve
– Add a warning when store highlighting is turned on but not logged in to Steam Store

– Enabled store center by default
– Added package list on bundle pages
– Minor bug fixes

– Add an option to push inventory game list to the side (see screenshots)
– Add an option to get rid of linkfilter links
– Make friendsthatplay work more reliably, add loading indicator
– Fix empty cart button positioning

– Load "store center" stylesheet at document load to prevent the content from jumping

– Remove fakeCC warning since Steam Store no longer allows switching it
– Restore header size when using "center Steam Store" option

– Show game as owned on SteamDB on app page (for example, DLCs) if you own one of the packages
– Use https on link
– Made "In-Game" count on community page clickable leading to SteamDB's graphs page
– Fixed tooltip on our button on game cards page
– Changed text to icon on SteamDB's button on community pages
– Fix header not being centered on Steam Store

– Don't run extension on pages that do not need it
– Add SteamDB and Store page buttons on game cards page
– Correctly link to /sub/ page from account page when possible
– Add an option to correctly detect gift SubID in your inventory

– Add a warning when browsing Steam Store with an incorrect currency (after visiting an url with ?cc= in it)
– Add the "You own this <thing>" row for DLCs and unknown apps on
– Fix appid detection on friends that play page

– Add PCGamingWiki button on app pages
– Move SteamDB button on app pages to be next to the Community Hub button
– Add "you own this package" on package pages
– New calculator url on profile pages
– Fix https links in inventory actions

– Don't apply https fixes on Steam Community if visiting via http
– "Show wishlisted only" checkbox on the sales page
– Add an option to remove not interested games on the sales page

– Fix getting AppID

– Firefox fixes, no changes for Chrome

– Add total drops remaining counter on badges page
– Remove rare/uncommon tag coloring as Valve no longer inserts tags as HTML
– Highlight DLC and other products on if they are in your library, wishlist or cart.

– Add an option to rewrite all to be https (fixes subscriptions on Workshop, etc.)
– Add an option to display "Friends that own" to the "Friends that play" page
– Add tooltips on SteamDB button on app pages

– Add an option to properly center the Steam Store homepage

– Fixed issue when emptying cart

– SteamDB now uses SSL
– Add "Empty cart" button on cart page
– Add an option to bypass age check gate automatically
– Add an option to automatically accept market SSA
– Add an option to hide "Install Steam" button in header

– Button on community hub fixed
– Move button on package pages
– Updated Chrome store screenshots to reflect store changes

– Fixed compatibility with the new Steam Store.

版本:1.8.1 用户评分:4.6(5分满分) 此版本下载量:67210

大小:48.71KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2017年11月27日



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Steam Database_v1.8.1