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Sprucemarks is Patreon supported software. Login and activate a free demo or unlock Sprucemarks with one-time $7 donation OR any monthly donation to Nightmode on Patreon.


• Organize your Bookmarks Bar, Other Bookmarks, and Mobile Bookmarks.
• Each area (and sub folders) can have their own sort order, or no order.
• Group folders together or have them sorted alongside bookmarks.
• Save your options once and have your bookmarks sorted now and automatically into the future.
• Review and improve your bookmarks collection with a suite of tools. Check for and optionally remove empty folders, duplicate bookmarks, and similar bookmarks. View and optionally clear your bookmark history.

UPDATE for August 7, 2020

• Additional ways to get to the options page in all browsers.
• Tools that can show all results now have a less results link too.
• Improved the safety of checkbox based tools.
• More flexible demo mode controlled by the server.
• One-time help message when a demo expires.
• One-time help message for Chrome since it hides extension icons by default.

UPDATE for July 1, 2020

• New tool. Check for and optionally remove duplicate bookmarks.
• New tool. Check for and optionally remove similar bookmarks.
• New demo mode. Login and activate a free demo.
• New scroll to top navigation link that appears when needed.
• Improved tab navigation and text wrapping for all tools.
• Improved the refresh efficiency and experience of all tools.

Sprucemarks respects your privacy.

版本:2020.8.7.0 用户评分:4.16(5分满分) 此版本下载量:12128

大小:525KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2020年8月8日

作者:由Kai Nightmode提供


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