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Spines now_v0.5.3

Spines now_v0.5.3

介绍:使用Spines now按钮直接从任何网站进行笔记,撰写想法并组装您的学习资料。

Fast, efficient and lovingly simple, the Spines now extension gives you the power to write your own ideas directly on top of every source of information you find on the web.

The Spines now extension is the perfect companion to the website. Enjoy instant note-taking with a single click, connect your study materials automatically and keep your ideas in sync with on every page you visit.

Reading is nice. Learning is better.

Do it now, not later. Annotate that article to really understand it. Look up and copy sources. Transcribe ideas from a video or podcast. Paste your thoughts. Leave an impression.

Enough of the useless collections of links. Make the most of your time while browsing the web and learn anything you want.

– Fix styles to be visible in some websites

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Spines now_v0.5.3