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Sourcegraph for GitHub_v1.4.34

Sourcegraph for GitHub_v1.4.34

介绍:提供GitHub IDE功能:跳转到定义,并在代码,PR和差异中悬停工具提示

Sourcegraph is an essential tool for all developers. Sourcegraph gives GitHub IDE-like powers when you're viewing code, PRs, or diffs:

1) Advanced code search
2) Go to definition
3) Find references
4) View on Sourcegraph
5) File tree navigation (Option/Alt + T to toggle visibility)

After you install it, view some code on GitHub and mouse over some symbols:

* Go:
* Java:
* TypeScript:
* Python:

Visit to see the list of supported languages

Here's what people are saying about Sourcegraph:

– "It's already my favorite online doc tool. give it a try" – @edapx
– "Sourcegraph has been quickly moving up in priority in my Chrome bookmarks. You need to check out this tool." – @goinggodotnet
– "Loving to find documentation and real code examples" – @IndianGuru
– "Being able to search actual open source code is amazing. Very very fast as well! Sourcegraph is blowing my mind right now." – @joshtaylor
– "Sourcegraph is amazing" – Jakub W.
– "Sourcegraph is an essential tool for every Gopher." – @nimolix
– "Impressive #golang code navigation by Sourcegraph!" – @francesc

版本:1.4.34 用户评分:4.67(5分满分) 此版本下载量:22349

大小:6.99MiB 此版本最后更新时间:2017年10月15日



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Sourcegraph for GitHub_v1.4.34