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Sonoma Partners' Dynamics CRM DevTools_v1.3.0

Sonoma Partners' Dynamics CRM DevTools_v1.3.0

介绍:Dynamics 365,CRM 2011-2016的各种开发人员工具

Now supporting Dynamics 365!

Dynamics CRM DevTools is an extension to Google Chrome which provides a variety of tools to help optimize customizing and troubleshooting within Dynamics CRM. Currently all deployments of CRM 2015, CRM 2015 Update 1, CRM 2013 and CRM 2011 UR 12+ are supported. A full list of features are listed below.

Form Information
– Displays the current form’s back-end information
– Entity Name
– Entity Id
– Entity Type Code
– Form Type
– Dirty Fields
– Ability to show the current form’s attributes’ schema names
– Ability to refresh the current form
– Ability to enable disabled attributes on the current form (System Administrators only)
– Ability to show hidden attributes on the current form (System Administrators only)
– Ability to copy the current record URL
– Ability to open the Performance Center to help troubleshoot performance issues with the form
– Bring back the record properties dialog that existed in CRM 2011

Current User Information
– Domain Name
– User Id
– Business Unit Id
– User Roles

– Ability to open advanced find
– Set focus to a field on the current form
– Display a specific User and navigate to the record (by Id)
– Display a specific Privilege (by Id)
– Display an Entity Type Code from an Entity Name
– Ability to display and navigate to the current user record
– Ability to navigate to any record by providing the entity name and id

– Ability to update attributes from the current form (System Administrators only)
– This is helpful when you need to update values for testing but the fields don’t exist on the form

– Execute any Fetch XML statement and view the results
– Fetch XML highlighting, auto-completion of nodes and intellisense

– Displays all registered plugin assemblies and their details
– Entity
– Filtering Attributes
– Stage
– Displays number of successes, crashes and failures for any sandbox plugin (sandbox only)

– New tab replaces the DB & Server tab
– Ability to open the diagnostics page to test latency and bandwidth
– Ability to open the Default Solution
– Ability to open the Debug Information page which displays version information for all the parts of the CRM environment
– Ability to open the CRM For Tablets app which can be used for debugging in the browser

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大小:844KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2016年12月19日

作者:由Sonoma Partners提供


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Sonoma Partners' Dynamics CRM DevTools_v1.3.0