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Social Network Adblocker_v1.3.5

Social Network Adblocker_v1.3.5


(English text below Chinese)
一个Chrome扩展程序,可以简单有效地删除Facebook ™上讨厌的广告。它隐藏这些讨厌的广告,增强您的社交体验

*** 特点
– 阻止新闻Feed和侧栏广告
– 超轻量级和快速,几乎没有内存/ CPU使用
– 您可以从工具栏菜单轻松切换扩展开/关
– 100%免费,总是更新
– 我们每天使用它自己!

*** 阻止广告的好处
– 提高浏览器速度
– 提高页面加载速度
– 减少您访问的网页的内存使用
– 降低带宽
– 最重要的是,通过忽略这些广告节省时间!

A small lightweight Chrome extension that simply & effectively removes the annoying advertisements on Facebook ™. It hides those annoying ads, enhancing your social experience.

★★★ Features
✓ Blocks both News-Feed & Side-Bar ads
✓ Super lightweight & fast, with almost no memory/CPU usage
✓ Easily switch the extension On/Off from toolbar menu
✓ 100% free & always updated-we use it ourselves every day! 🙂

★★★ Benefits of FB ad blocking
✓ Improve FB page load / browser speed
✓ Decrease memory usage
✓ Decrease bandwidth
✓ Most importantly, save time by not looking at ads all day!

For this Chrome extension to take effect, please reload your Facebook pages after installing. If you find any issues, please contact us via email here: This is a free extension – If you like it, please rate it with 5 stars, tell your friends and/or share the extension on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else!

"Facebook", the Facebook logo, and the Messenger logo are registered trademarks of Facebook, Inc.
This software, namely "Ads Blocker for Facebook", has no affiliation with Facebook, Inc. This extension is not created nor endorsed by Facebook.

Terms of Use:
Only works on No guarantee or warranty is given with the use of this "Ads Blocker for Facebook ™" software. The author shall not be held liable for any consequences by its use. Usage of "Ads Blocker for Facebook ™" means that you agree to these terms.

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Social Network Adblocker_v1.3.5