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Social Blade_v2.3.22

Social Blade_v2.3.22


Adds a box to the right of the video you're watching on YouTube showing the most important statistics from Social Blade about the channel.

YouTube Statistics Include:
► Channel Grade (quickly judge if the channel is average or top of the class)
► Subscriber & View Rank
► Estimated Monthly Earnings for the channel
► Subscribers & Views in the past 30 days (includes % growth)
► Average daily subs & views
► Subs & views gained today
► Tags video uses

Also provides an easy link to view the channel on Social Blade as well as a way to view the Live Sub Count on Social Blade

Requires a free dashboard account to use

In 2.0.0 we added "new" YouTube layout support when it was in beta by YouTube. In 2.1.0 we implemented a number of fixes to support YouTube's final "new" layout including fixing some lag issues and adding back stats on channel pages. If you have any issues please open a support ticket at

2.1.5 – Twitch Support
2.3.1 – Instagram Support
2.3.4 – Twitter Support

版本:2.3.22 用户评分:4.23(5分满分) 此版本下载量:262225

大小:731KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2018年9月25日



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Social Blade_v2.3.22