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Soapbox — screen & webcam recorder_v4.2.0

Soapbox — screen & webcam recorder_v4.2.0


Making a great video just got really, really easy.

Soapbox is a free extension from Wistia that enables anyone to record, edit, and share a high-quality video in just a few minutes, with just a few clicks. It's faster than making popcorn (in most cases).

With Soapbox, you can record your screen and your webcam simultaneously, then take advantage of a unique “split-screen” view, where the webcam feed is side-by-side with the screencast. You’ll have the flexibility to decide when you want to show just your face, just your screen, or both. Add a friendly introduction, summarize a point, make smoother transitions, and above all else, make a real connection — all with simple editing tools.

At Wistia, we understand the biggest challenges that businesses face with video, so we built Soapbox from the ground up to help everyone succeed, no matter their background or skill level. No need to export, process, download, or upload — your video will be instantly shareable, as soon as you're done scrubbing and shining!

Take control of the way your content looks. With Soapbox, you can:

* Customize the player color
* Include a link at the end of your video
* Create a custom video thumbnail
* Trim the start and end of your video for a precise beginning and conclusion
* Re-edit your videos after they've been shared
* Paste your video into an email

New! Export your Soapbox videos to Wistia to take advantage of video marketing tools and in-depth analytics, or upgrade to Soapbox Pro.

With Pro, you can download your videos and share them on social media (or save 'em for later). You can also host your videos on a sleek, unbranded sharing page.

At the end of the day, wouldn't you lather communicate creatively? Get on your Soapbox!

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Soapbox — screen & webcam recorder_v4.2.0