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Find emails on linkedIn, twitter, facebook or any website you visit and send them from Snovio Chrome Extension.

Snovio works as email finder and it has its own email verifier which checks each emails it gives you; it also works as a standalone email verifier making your email list bounce free.

Send emails from chrome extension. Save your template, add an email account and send emails to found contacts right from extension.

We also provide you with a boolean-string search queries generator for Google, LinkedIn, Github , Facebook and others. With’s Google Chrome extension, you can find all your prospective leads emails and then put them into mailing lists.

✓ Snovio is a great tool for many types of professionals. It makes things just easier for many people: Recruiters can extend their sourcing resources and Sales managers can do better prospecting for sales finding more emails. Find and research, bloggers, journalists, websites owners to contact them.

✓ Besides email we provide you with other structured information, enhancing your data so you can target specific positions within companies.

✓ Surfing websites and searching emails is easy with our website plugin. Visit any website, open our plugin and see email addresses along with extra information like names (if available).

✓ Does not interfere with other email lookup chrome extensions including most popular clearbit,, findthatlead and works alongside with them.

Before using our Snovio Chrome Extension be sure to read and agree to Snovio's Privacy Policy

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