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SndControl: Your Audio ControlPad_v3.6.11

SndControl: Your Audio ControlPad_v3.6.11


Add useful web audio controls to your Chrome™ browser today. Simple.

SndControl is the Audio Controlpad for your Chrome™ browser that integrates with web players and audio sources you already use. Music…while you work? Easy. Now listen all day with no-nonsense audio in your browser from your favorite sources.

Enjoy smooth audio control features like:
+ CONTROLPAD for full feature smart controls.
+ CLICKER for easy playback.
+ KEYS for music shortcuts.
+ CARDS for low-key music notifications.
+ LAUNCHER (NEW) for instant player startup.

FREE as long as you want for 1 audio source integration of your choice with SndControl Basic

Need help? Email us at

By installing this item, you agree to the Emoto Corp.’s Terms & Conditions at

Pick from our full list of audio source and web player integrations, including Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, and many more!

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SndControl: Your Audio ControlPad_v3.6.11