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Smart Words_v1.0

Smart Words_v1.0

介绍:这个扩展通过用SAT / GRE单词自动替换简单的单词来增加你的词汇,这意味着同样的事情。

"The best way to learn new words is to read."

…books with big words. The problem is, most of us spend more time reading web pages than we do good old-fashioned books. And let's face it: the internet isn't the best place to go for sophisticated vocabulary words. Until now.

Smart Words injects literary steroids into every website you visit. It provides relevant, interesting synonyms for words whose definitions you already know, with ZERO effort on your part. It's noninvasive and allows you to use the internet as you normally world; all you have to do is hover.

The SAT and GRE are two infamous exams notorious for their love of obscure, fringe vocabulary words. Regardless of whether or not you're preparing for either test, there's no doubt that learning SAT and GRE words drastically improves your vocabulary. That's why Smart Words' expert list of words comes from SAT and GRE tests.

Traditionally, systems like these suffer from one major drawback: words with two or more parts of speech.

"They all fall(verb) down in fall(noun)."

That's where the "Smart" in Smart Words comes in. This extension uses techniques from natural language processing — a subset of the booming field artificial intelligence — to guarantee suggested synonyms are of the same part of speech. Where other programs fail, Smart Words succeeds.

"They all tumble* down in autumn*."

So what are you waiting for? The SAT's in a couple of months, and the GRE isn't going to get any easier. Install Smart Words now and amplify your productivity. Gone are the days when time spent on the internet could ever be "wasted". Now, every second can be put towards expanding your expressive ability. Soon, you too will be able to use "smart" words.

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If you're interested in the story and the technology behind this extension, check out this blog post:

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How to use the extension:

For the most part, everything is automatic, but some sites might not play nicely with Smart Words. In those cases, just click the icon to turn the extension off for the specific tab you're viewing (see screenshots). Simple. Easy. Smart.

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Smart Words_v1.0