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Smart TOC_v0.8.5

Smart TOC_v0.8.5


Displays a table of contents for every website, making it easier to read/navigate long articles, documentations and online books

## Features:

– Accurate article/headings detection
– Clean user interface
– Highlight current heading
– Click to jump to heading
– Panel can be dragged to preferred position
– Only runs when you actually use it

Features in Pro version:

– Dark mode, automatically
– Up to 6 heading levels (free version capped to 2)
– Expand all headings to specific level
– Copy to clipboard
– Search in headings
– Resizable panel

## Usage:

– Click browser button to show/hide TOC for current site, shortcuts are available in extension settings.

## Supported sites:

Smart TOC should work properly for any sites that conforms to html standard and uses html heading tags (H1, H2, H3…) properly, known examples (not limited to):

– …

You can also enable Smart TOC for local files in extension settings: chrome://extensions

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Smart TOC_v0.8.5