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Skrapp helps you build targeted leads lists on top of Linkedin searches and profiles.

With our Google Chrome extension, you can find all your prospects emails and save them in lists.

Our web application helps you gather prospects data (name, email, title, company, linkedin url) in lists and export your lists to your CRM, ESP, File storage service or Excel and CSV spreadsheets.

With Skrapp, prospecting for sales and marketing becomes very easy and productive.

# Getting started

Starting to work with Skrapp takes only a few steps:

– First of all, Install the Skrapp Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store (Here) or from our website:

– Then, create a Skrapp account, this takes a few seconds and can be done with your Google or Linkedin account.

– Finally, start building your targeted prospecting lists or searching for professional email addresses.

# What you'll be able to do

Find anyone's professional email address and save leads

Skrapp adds a button "Find email" to Linkedin profiles, this button enables you to find corporate email addresses of your leads directly from their profiles and save it additionally to other information to one of your Skrapp lists.

Export Linkedin search results

An export button is added to your search results pages.

An export operation requires the following information:

– File name

– File format (.csv)

– Data size for group export (The number of profiles you want to extract)

– Whether you want to find professional emails of the profiles you intent to export.

Linkedin Sales Navigator
Skrapp is also available in Linkedin Sales Navigator.

Skrapp ensures that you have more:

✔ Accurate data
✔ Productivity
✔ Time

Join Skrapp right now and get 100 free email credits.

For any further question, feel free to contact us.

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