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SiteStacks – Instant Tech Lookup_v0.1.4

SiteStacks – Instant Tech Lookup_v0.1.4


Why use SiteStacks for your Tech Lookups?

A. It's lightweight: The one-click technology lookup runs entirely on our servers. No content insertions or background processes to slow down your browsing. It's like your favorite search engine.

B. It's secure: SiteStacks doesn't download any of your browsing data – only your current URL is passed along.

C. More data: SiteStacks is supported by Siftery and its library of over 40,000 products. SiteStaks includes data for some products that isn't publicly available anywhere else.

D. More accurate data: The data on SiteStacks is constantly being validated by the Siftery user community. This built-in constant feedback loop promotes data accuracy.

Questions? Feedback? Let us know – we'd like to hear from you!

=== FAQ ===

1. How is this better than Wappalyzer, BuiltWith, WhatRuns, HG, Datanyze, SimilarWeb, SimilarTech, etc.?
Our focus above all is on the accuracy and exhaustiveness of the data we present. We built this extension to be a simpler way to access this data, while also protecting your privacy and running all operations on our own servers so that your browsing isn't slowed down.

2. What are some of the products that you track?
Site stack data includes coverage for over 40,000 products as of this writing. You can find them all here:

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SiteStacks – Instant Tech Lookup_v0.1.4