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Shared mailbox & Shared Gmail labels | Hiver_v4.2

Shared mailbox & Shared Gmail labels | Hiver_v4.2

介绍:使用Gmail进行客户支持。管理共享邮箱,如支持@和sales @。与您的团队分享Gmail标签。

With Hiver, you can manage your customer support and sales right from your Gmail. Hiver makes it super easy to collaborate on shared email accounts like or from your Gmail account.

Hiver also lets you shared your Gmail labels with other Gmail or G Suite users. Shared labels is also great to mimic Microsoft Exchange Public/Shared Folders.


1. Shared Mailboxes: Manage shared email addresses like right from Gmail. You can assign new emails to team and check their status. It also features collision alert which notifies a user when replying to an email if someone else is replying to the same email.

2. Shared Labels in Gmail: Add a label to an email conversation in your inbox, and it appears in your colleagues inboxes with the label attached, within minutes! Its an amazingly simple way to way to share useful emails and attachments, assign tasks, and track status on Support and Sales queries.

3. Shared Notes: Shared Notes on emails keep track of what is going on in an email thread. They’re a great way for your team to summarize a customer support or sales related email conversation.

4. Snooze Emails: You can snooze emails away from your inbox, and have them come back to the top of your inbox at any later date and time.

5. Email Templates: Easily create email templates and save yourself from writing same email again and again. You can share the templates with your colleagues.

6. You can schedule emails to be sent later.

Hiver is great for:

1. Managing your customer support right from Gmail
2. Delegating and tracking emails as tasks

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Shared mailbox & Shared Gmail labels | Hiver_v4.2