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Shared Inbox for Gmail | Hiver_v4.9

Shared Inbox for Gmail | Hiver_v4.9

介绍:使用Gmail获取客户支持。管理支持@和sales @等共享邮箱。

Hiver is an email collaboration platform for businesses.

With Hiver, teams can collaborate on Shared email accounts like support@ or sales@ without having to leave their Gmail accounts.

Hiver is used by thousands of companies globally and is one of the most loved products built for Gmail and G Suite.

Top reasons why you’ll love Hiver:

– There is hardly anything to learn – you can get started in minutes
– Your data is always on Google servers and is 100% secure
– You do not have to switch tools – all the action happens right inside Gmail

Key features:

Shared Inboxes – Manage shared email accounts like support@, sales@ or admin@ right from your Gmail inbox.

Email Delegation – Delegate emails to your team without forwarding emails. Track them effortlessly.

Email Notes – Communicate internally minus the confusing CCs, Fwds, and BCCs. Notes help you keep your inboxes clutter-free.

Collision Alerts – Say goodbye to duplicate and conflicting responses. Collision Alerts nudge you when someone is responding to an email you’re viewing.

Automations – Do away with the grunt work. Automate key actions like assigning or archiving emails based on rules.

Email Tags – Organize shared inbox emails by adding one or more tags. You can also have tags added automatically.

Email Templates – Send blazing fast responses with Email Templates that you can use right from
your ‘compose’ window.

Analytics Dashboard – Track all your key metrics from the Analytics Dashboard. Use Hiver’s actionable insights to identify areas of improvement, and fix them.

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Shared Inbox for Gmail | Hiver_v4.9