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Send to Google Maps_v3.5

Send to Google Maps_v3.5


Send to Google Maps allows you to send a selected address or POI on any website directly to Google Maps. You no longer need to

1.) copy the address or POI
2.) open a new tab
3.) enter
4.) paste the address
5.) press the search button

All these steps are done by "Send to Google Maps".

Therefore the extension adds an item to the Context Menu if text is selected. By right clicking on the selected text the context menu opens and you can click on "Send address to Google Maps".

A new tab will be opened and automatically search for the address on Google Maps.

And if you need directions:
Just go to the options page and enter up to five favorite addresses. They will be available in the context menu to easily get directions.

Also, you can select company names, names of sights and a lot more on any webpage to get directions to. Just try it out! It's not limited to addresses only…

Also, you can get directions from your current position. Just enable it in the options menu.

You need at least Chrome version 22 to install and use this extension.

Update 2.0:
– Get Directions:
You can now configure up to five addresses at the options page to easily get directions to and from a selected address on any website
– Browser language detection to localize your Google Maps Search

Update 2.1:
– Minor Bug Fixes

Update 2.3:
– Minor Bug Fixes
– Browser language detection to localize the options' page search results

Update 3.0:
– Major changes to meet Google Chrome's new extension policy
– Added "Where am I" and directions to user's current position to the context menu
– Added country selector to optimize search results within optins menu
– Context menu restructured
– Reworked the options page

Update 3.1:
– Fixed error to correctly show all menu entries after Chrome restart

Update 3.5:
– Added options for default transportation modes. You can now set the default travel mode to either driving, waking, bicycling or public transport.
– Added options for context menu customization. You can now remove all sub menus for faster access to "Show on Maps" or just add the sub menus you require. Unfortunately, Google Chrome Extensions don't allow to place multiple context menus entries on the top level of the context menu. Based on all your feedback I added this option to reduce the depth of the context menu.
– Fixed broken address auto completation on options page.
– Added internal usage statistics for further feature optimizations.

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Send to Google Maps_v3.5