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Scroll Anywhere enables you to drag scrollbar with your middle / right / left mouse button without touching a scrollbar.
Just hold the middle button and move mouse up-down or left-right.
You can also change the behavior to simple "grab and drag" style.

Supports also Momentum – ability to throw the page (like on your phone) – including infinite scrolling option.
Now with the option to change the cursor while scrolling!

Video preview (0:12) here:


Increase your productivity and save time!

Warning: very addictive! 🙂

Known issues:
– does not work on (blocked by Chrome)
– does not work on browser specific pages like "chrome://extensions" (blocked by Chrome)
– does not work on other extensions pages like options page of some addon (blocked by Chrome)
– in Linux right click (context menu) cannot be canceled so only middle button is working correctly

I'm developing this add-on in my free time for you for free.
Please consider supporting my work by donation:
Or by donation:

Thank you 🙂

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