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Scratch Addons_v1.14.3

Scratch Addons_v1.14.3


➖ features ➖
– Messaging: click the extension icon to get a summary of your messages.
– Cloud games: see who's playing multiplayer games.
– Notifier: get browser notifications when you get new messages.
– Navigation bar customization: re-add the “discuss” button.
– Make 2.0-styled pages look like 3.0.
– Website and editor dark modes.
– And more!
➖ Project editor features ➖
– Developer tools: adds a find box and new menu options to the editor.
– 60FPS player mode.
– Pause button.
– Onion skinning.
– Auto-hide block palette.
– Display stage on left side.
– And more!

Keep in mind, all features are togglable! To enable or disable them, go to the settings page by clicking this extension’s icon under “extensions” in the top-right corner of your browser, and then click the gear icon.

No usernames or passwords are stored, and you are required to be signed into your Scratch account in your browser for some features to work.

This extension is open source software licensed under GPL v3.
To contribute or check the source code:
For more information, go to:

This project is not affiliated, associated, or in any way officially connected with the Scratch website, Team, Foundation, or any of its affiliates.

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Scratch Addons_v1.14.3