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RPost for Gmail_v1.0.4

RPost for Gmail_v1.0.4


RMail for Gmail provides seamless access to RMail services when using Gmail, allowing you to track email opens; get automatic proof of email delivery; encrypt private email; get documents signed electronically; and convert PDF files.

RMail is powered by RPost's Registered Email® technology, the global standard for email delivery proof.

We're Trusted
With more than 10 million users worldwide across all sending platforms (including Microsoft Outlook,) RMail is the world's leading provider of all-in-one services for important email communication. RMail users around the world enjoy greater visibility, data privacy, legal proof, and more — thanks to RMail.

Email Encryption for Privacy and Email Security
Unlike other encryption services for Gmail, RMail lets you send encrypted to anyone, without requiring them to download any software or register for an account. You'll enjoy simple, end-to-end encryption of message content and any attachments. RMail for Gmail offers several convenient password options.

Electronic Signature Capabilities to E-Sign Documents
RMail for Gmail makes it easy to get documents and forms signed electronically. With options for hand sign and email sign, it's easy to get electronic signoff on just about any document.

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RPost for Gmail_v1.0.4