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RocketBolt: Email Tracking for Gmail_v0.4.7

RocketBolt: Email Tracking for Gmail_v0.4.7


Make Gmail even better with the best email tracking tool. Getting started is EASY – just add RocketBolt to your Chrome browser, activate in Gmail, and you’re all set!

Email Tracking:
Don’t you hate wondering if someone has read your email? Wouldn’t it be great to know so you can follow up appropriately? RocketBolt is here for you. We’ll alert you when emails you send have been opened and when links you include are clicked.

Get Contact Info:
Get instant access to social profiles and additional contact info of the people you’re emailing so you can personalize your message.

Don’t worry if you’re not looking at your email account when something interesting happens. Browser notifications show your email activity regardless of what website you’re on.

Great For:
Growth hackers, sales gurus, and marketers.
People who like email productivity.
People who send lots of emails.
People who send few emails.
Individuals or small to large teams.
Anyone who just wants to know when people are opening their emails!

Need help:
Email –
Support –

Twitter –
Facebook –


“Seriously the coolest email plugin I’ve ever seen. Why isn’t this native to Gmail?”

“I never realized how much I hated not knowing if my emails were read until I discovered RocketBolt.”

“I’ll never send another email without using RocketBolt.”

RocketBolt email tracking is free for a limited amount of tracked emails each month. For higher or unlimited volume, check out our pricing:

Compatible with many popular Productivity Apps such as Boomerang, Rapportive, Dropbox, Streak and many more.

Gmail | Email Tracking | Email Productivity | Contact Management

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RocketBolt: Email Tracking for Gmail_v0.4.7