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介绍:在亚马逊购物时,直接查看我们的调整后评分。点击我们的图标,在新标签页中打开我们的完整评价分析。 is a free web tool that analyzes millions of reviews and helps you decide which ones to trust. Simply copy and paste any Amazon product URL into the search bar on for a full analysis.

Our Chrome Extension (also available for Firefox) helps streamline this process by providing you with an adjusted rating for each product based only on the most trustworthy reviews, and displays it directly at the top of your browser.

Here's how it works:

Simply browse Amazon as normal. When viewing a product, the extension will show the adjusted rating and color based on the authenticity of reviews. If you'd like to see a detailed report, simple click the icon!

We help you weed out the biased or fake reviews and leave you with the most honest feedback.


"It can read and change your data on…"

– & The extension simply reads the current URL to figure out which product you are viewing so it can show you the corresponding data that we have on that product.

– Simply tells our website to hide the notification about installing the extension since you obviously already have it installed!

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