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Reversi Friends_v2.2.2.3

Reversi Friends_v2.2.2.3


You've found the easiest way to invite your friends to play online Reversi with you! Just send an invitation link and let the game begin!

Online Reversi (sometimes called Othello) with Friends by SkillGamesBoard is played on an 8×8 virtual board. The two players each have 32 pieces called disks. At the beginning of the game each player has two pieces placed diagonally in the center of the board. Players take turns placing disks of their own color on the board.

The goal of the game is to have the majority of disks of your color when the game is over. In order to change the color of your opponent’s disks, you must place the disk so that an opponent’s disk, or a row of opponent’s disks, is flanked by your disks. All of the opponent’s pieces between your pieces become your color then. You can capture vertical, horizontal, and diagonal rows of disks.

Play Reversi with Friends by SkillGamesBoard online with your friends and random opponents or against the computer!

Reversi with Friends features:
• play Reversi FREE online with friends
• asynchronous gameplay option
• option to play anonymously
• play Reversi (Othello) game online free
• invite your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+

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Reversi Friends_v2.2.2.3