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Restlet Client – REST API Testing_v2.13.2

Restlet Client – REST API Testing_v2.13.2

介绍:以可视方式创建和运行单个HTTP请求以及复杂的场景。使用我们的CI / CD插件自动化您的API测试。

[Please scroll down for permissions explanation]

Restlet Client is designed and developed by developers for developers to make direct HTTP / REST resource discovery, testing and test automation easier. Restlet Client’s main functions include:

1. API Invocation and Interaction
Through an intuitive browser interface, make calls to HTTP APIs to validate their functional behavior, testing different parameters and values without writing a program or script.

You can easily import your Postman Collections, Swagger / OAS and HAR.

2. API Testing
Create and run unit tests as well as complex API scenarios decorated by assertions to validate your APIs.

3. API Automation
API scenarios and tests execution can be easily done with Maven plugin which you can integrate to your CI/CD. (e.g. Jenkins, Travis CI, Bamboo…)

Key features:
– Call web APIs through a visual tool
– Save calls history, locally or to the cloud, and organize it in projects
– Build dynamic requests with custom variables, security and authentication
– Analyze and validate responses, compare them to history
– Combine multiple API requests into API scenarios with variables
– Share work with colleagues
– Integrate API testing to CI/CD toolchain through plugins for Maven, Jenkins, Travis CI, CircleCI…

4. API Orchestration
With Restlet Client, you can combine multiple API requests into API scenarios. Variables can be passed from one response to the next request, creating realistic scenarios that closely emulate real-life use of the API by a frontend or mobile application

Restlet Client is part of the Restlet platform: the API First Platform with a comprehensive and integrated set of capabilities for API developers.

Why Restlet Client requires "Read and change all your data on the websites you visit" and "Communicate with cooperating websites" permissions?

Chrome applications which need access to internet resources must declare it in their manifest. It can be a list of URLs or URL mask; e.g. http://*/* allowing access to any URL.

Allowing access to any URL is a primary function of Restlet Client, and the URL mask with wildcards is in interpreted by Chrome Store as:

This app can access:
Read and change all your data on the websites you visit

Which is true, but doesn't mean that the app is doing something bad. Restlet Client doesn't collect your data.

For news and updates, follow Restlet on Twitter: @Restlet

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Restlet Client – REST API Testing_v2.13.2