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RESTED is a new take on rest clients on Firefox. It is meant to be easy to use to let you work as effective as possible. It features all the most commonly used HTTP methods, setting headers, saving requests to local storage, and more.

Some of the neat features of this extension are:

URL templating: If you have a parameter that is shared across several rest calls, you can template your string. Example –{{userId}}. You can then set userId in a seperate panel, and it will be resolved across all your different requests.

Collections: Save your requests to local storage for easy reuse later.

Basic auth and custom headers: Easily set basic auth and custom headers that are passed alongside the request.

Imports: Import data from HAR (HTTP Archive), or from a Postman collection

Modern design: Based on modern technology and minimalist web design, this extension is anything but dated. It also features changeable themes to make it yours.

Since this is a relatively new project, I am also happy to announce that it is also awesomely easy to contribute to the project! Everything is javascript and html, so come join! All contributions welcome.

Read more on github

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